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GENESIS Multi R-7 Essence

2016-05-19 23:29:45
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+ Protects your skin from harmful environment!

+ Rejuvenation Elasticity Moisturizing  Soothing Immunity Nourishing!

+ Highly enriched water-gel essence with  cu-peptide which is effective to skin rejuvenation with elasticity 

  as  a gel-network shape for fast absorption. Moreover, it soothes your skin with  long-lasting moist effect.

Cu Tripeptide
Skin rejuvenation, promoting biosynthesis of collagen & elastin
Centella Asiatica
Effects of curing scars, boosting collagens, promoting biosynthesis of
Natural moisturizing factor
Incubates from mushrooms, effects of moisturizing, immunity improvement.
Natural moisturizing factor
Bifida Ferment Lysate
Improve skin immunity, effects of skin protection with enriched moisturizing
Ficus Carica Fruit Extract
Moist effect, promoting cell metabolism
Ulmus Campestris Extract
Soothes sensitive skin & brighten skin tone


■ Direction

Use freely to soothing and invigorate several times a day as needed.

Apply appropriate amount on the face.

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