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2016-05-19 23:37:33
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+ Soothing  Atopy relief  Moisturizer

+ Sensitive  After peeling Moisturizer

Byword of Enriched  moisture supply without sticky Contains Ceramide as as a principal  ingredient



eramide, multi botanic extracts with superior calming and protective effects, great for the treatment of old, dry, or atopic allergy skin that also protects sensitive skin with concentrated moisturizer

■ Main Ingredients

1) Ceramide

Ingredient of skin barrier

2) Lecithin

Ingredient of cell membrane,

3) Licorice

Powerful anti-bacterial effect, anti-allergic effect

4) Chitin liquid

Moisture supply with keeping balance of lipid

5) Multi botanic extracts

Extracted from Matricaria chamomila, Marigol calendula, Meadow weet ulmaria for calming, and skin protection

6) Fragrant aromatherapy

Jasmine, Rose, Iris

■ How to use?

Apply evenly to the area  of dry, sensitive, pruritus(itching) as well as after peeling or laser  treatment

* Can be used to babies’ Atopic skin  trouble

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