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+Pore Control with Natural Ingredients

+Removal of Blackheads

It helps the skin kept clean by melting and removing sebum and dead skin cells after opening the clogged pores.

GENESIS PG-X consisting mainly of a  natural ingredient of herb extract is a product effective in not only controlling production of sebum secretion all over the skin but also melting and removing a clot of sebum that is blocking pores firmly.

Main Ingredients

1)Rosa Centifoli Flower water

controlling pH level and skin purification

2) Gotu Cola Extract

Cure of pore trace and acne treatment

3) Arctium Lappa  Root Extract

Controlling sebum, prevention of freckle, Anti-bacteria and Anti-inflammatory

4)Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Extract

Skin soothing, Whitening and Sterilization

5)Portulaca Oleracea Extract

Skin Moisturizing and soothing allergic reactions

6)Hops Flower Extract

Skin regeneration effects and ant-inflammatory

How to use

1) prepare wet cotton and divide it in half.

2)Spray an appropriate amount of PG-X to wet over the cotton and apply it to the area with sebum.

Repeat spraying if the cotton looks dried up in the middle of application.

3)wait about 15-20 minutes and remove the dissolved sebum using a cotton swab, etc.

Wash your face using a cleanser with lukewarm water.

*Tip: In the cold winter, It is more effective to use PG-X after enlarging the pores in the area of sebum by using a steam towel.

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