C&M Cosmetic

GENESIS Sebo Clear Ball

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+ Spot  treatment

+ Roll-on  type for trouble area

  • Easy carry size for skin trouble anytime, anywhere
  • Enables clean healing of scars after the treatment of inflammation.
    ■ Features
    1) Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Calming effect
    2) Curing all of skin trouble and acne
    3) Easy to use Roll-on type and portable size
    ■ Main Ingredients
    1) Cactus[Oputiamicin] Extract
    The treatment of inflammations
     and relief of acne and the other skin troubles
    2)  Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)
    Natural sulfur is effective in treating inflammation and pimple
    3) Water-Soluble Licorice
    4)  Salicylic acid, Witch-hazel Extract, Ivy and the other extracts.
    ■ For who?
    ▒  People who want to care acne and topical skin trouble hygienically
    ■ How to use?
    Point  the ball downwards and roll it over the affected area
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