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GENESIS Snowman Serum

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+ Dual  functional product for whitening and anti-aging

    • KFDA functional ingredient approval No. 1252
    • ASNS stability technology patent registration No. 10-0417874-0000

  • This is KFDA certified functional serum for whitening and wrinkle improvement as it contains highly concentrated pure Vitamin C and Niacinamide (water-soluble vitamin B3) that is notified ingredient for whitening function. This product decomposes rapidly excessive melanin. Also Vitamin F and caffeine ingredient encourage absorption of Vitamin C. Thus, this product protects the skin, maintaining clean and transparent skin. This product makes the skin moist due to fresh feeling of use without stickiness

    ■ Effects

    1) Brightens complexion with diminished signs of pigmentation

    2) Traces of acne or redness of scars blend in to the color of natural skin

    3) Effective in smoothing our crow’s feet or vertical wrinkles around the lips

    4) Thin skin caused by excessive creation of melanin will become normal, along with the regeneration of collagen


    ■ Skin whitening effects of Genesis  Snowman serum

    Compared to  the state before use, skin has become 8.6% brighter and 12.3% firmer.

    ■ Main Ingredients

    1) Pure  Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 8%

    Pure Vitamin C of Switzerland’s Roche inhibit melanin synthesis and returns oxidized melanin with powerful antioxidant function. It makes the skin clear and resilient, promoting collagen production.

    2) Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

    This new KFDA certified functional ingredient for whitening prevents moving from melanocyte to keratinocyte, inhibiting melanin synthesis. 5% product has similar effect to 1% clindamicine with its anti-inflammatory effect. It suppresses hyper pigmentation after inflammatory acne.

    3) Vitamin F  (Linoreic acid)

    Vitamin F is essential fatty acid that consists of skin biological membrane. It promotes circulation of callus and makes the skin smooth as well as shiny, encouraging vitamin C absorption.

    4) Mango Butter

    Mango butter is obtained from mango seeds and it is very effective for skin conditioning and inhibiting of moisture evaporation from skin as it contains highly concentrated oleic acid and stearic acid. Moreover, it makes the skin bright and resilient since it contains formulation of licorice extract, caffeine and vitamin E ingredients.

    ■ Why we choose Vitamin serum type?

    The reason serum is good for vitamin absorption: Serum has high penetrability to be absorbed into the corium, but the problem is stabilization. Snowman serum has resolved the problem through patented stabilizing methods. Especially, warming effect upon application has increased the penetrating effect. It is now not necessary to persist liquid form with the problem of browning.

    Vitamin C stabilizing method for Genesis Snowman Serum

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