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GENESIS Recovery Blemish Balm SPF30 PA++ 40ml

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+ Superior  recovery effect to make skin bright and transparent 

+ Approved  Anti-aging, Brightening, UV Protection functions by KFDA

Naturally covers skin blemishes or redness of skin, calms sensitive skin. Closely adheres to skin and does NOT lump from sweat. Suitable to be used immediately after peeling or laser treatments, regeneration of damaged skin, and contains ingredients for UV protection.

■ For who?

People who want to cover damaged skin

People who has acne, trouble, redness, sensitive skin

After peeling, or laser treatments

After cosmetic surgery

■ Main Ingredients

1) Niacinamide,  Mulberry extract

Whitening - Inhibitory effect of Tyrosinase

2) Adenosine, Jojoba  oil

Anti-aging – Promoting collagen synthesis

3) Aloe vera  gel, Tea tree leaf oil

Calming effect with anti-bacterial function

4) Micro titanium  dioxide

■ How to use?

On the last step of basic  skin care, apply a small amount evenly all over face or on needed areas

* It is suitable to be applied after peeling or laser treatments, for  regeneration of damaged skin, after cosmetic surgery, for covering acne or  other skin troubles

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