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GENESIS Etio White Cream

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ETIO White Cream

GENESIS Etio White Cream

+Inhibit  Tyrosine in Melanocyte powerfully

Contains enhanced Etioline bioactive herbs

complex to keep your skin clear and bright

Promotes skin metabolism to expedite the exfoliation and brighten dull skin


Contains pure Etioline with L. Hawthorn extract

Powerfully inhibit activation of tyrosinase which is a cause of pigmentation.

Increasing skin metabolism to remove melasma, lentigo,  and dead skin cells

 Main  Ingredients and Effects

Etioline: Inhibitory effect of Tyrosine                                              

Evercell White: Inhibitory  effect of Melanocyte                                       

MHA [AHA+BHA]: Softening of  dead skin cells                                              


 What is  Etioline?

Etioline,  purified and standardized extract from a rare African plant; mitracarpe, is an active ingredient designed for the treatment of pigmentary spots and cutaneous discoloration problems. Its activity based on African ethnobotanical experience is confirmed by a strong tyrosinase inhibitory activity.


 How to use?

Apply evenly, especially on the area of melasma, lentigo, and blemish as the last  step of skin care

* Use with sunscreen in the day time.

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